Richar Bradshaw Angell, PhD. | Logician | Philosopher | Educator

Philosophical Thoughts

Richard B Angell, PhD (Brad) began producing his Philosophical Thoughts in December, 1985. The documents from 1993 through December 2010 are presented here in PDF form. The entire set of documents is housed at the library at Swarthmore College, including copies of the earlier documents which are not available as online files.
They represent Angell’s creative process and include many of the ideas which interested him throughout his life, some of which later took shape in his book, A-Logic and the unpublished A Theory of Natural Numbers. These documents are unedited and not readied for publication. They may contain errors, either typographical or factual. They are presented to provide access to Brad’s ideas to those who may share his interest or wish to carry on his work in spherical geometry, geometry of visibles, mathematical theory, philosophy, religion and other topics.

These files were converted from WordPerfect to PDF files and may have lost some formatting or required substitution of special characters. If you have interest in contacting his family for additional information or access to more documents, please send an email to:

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